Social Media Marketing

Using social media to convey brand information and establish deeper connections with consumers.

Why do you need social media marketing?

In today’s digital age, social media marketing has become a vital tool for businesses to establish their brand presence and attract customers. By leveraging popular platforms , businesses can create an uninterrupted flow of advertising and promotion, leading to increased brand awareness and customer engagement.

Finding the right battlefield for your business

Choosing the right social media platform is crucial for a successful marketing strategy. Businesses must understand their audience and platform characteristics to select the perfect battlefield and showcase their brand’s strengths, leading to long-term success.


Suitable for all industries
Not limited to sharing formats
The world’s largest social platform
Average user age and gender


 Multimedia video platform.
Average user age and gender
 High user engagement and long usage time
 Requires creative or valuable information to attract attention


 No restrictions on sharing formats, short messages are preferred.
 Rapid transmission of real-time information.
 High interactivity.
 Suitable for all industries.


Users are generally younger.
Good for shaping brand image.
More suitable for B2C, service industry, and freelancers.
Platform is visually dominated, with image and video sharing as the main content.


Platform users are professionals.
Sharing of professional information is emphasized.
More suitable for B2B, professionals, and investors.
High user quality, users will actively provide specific information.

Find a social media marketing formula that revitalizes the brand image

A comprehensive marketing plan is essential for revitalizing a brand’s image through social media. Without it, the brand image can be unclear, and users may not engage with a billboard-like presence, resulting in ineffective marketing.

Consider the brand positioning and set long, medium, and short-term plans

Integrate brand resources

Choose the appropriate social media platform to manage

Continue to manage and maintain

Analyze and monitor for precision marketing

Use the sales funnel to take social media marketing to the next level

To enhance social media marketing, businesses must understand the sales funnel and its application to different objectives. By customizing a marketing funnel that aligns with the ultimate goal of increasing sales and guiding potential customers towards purchase, businesses can effectively achieve their objectives.

Awareness and Interest

Posting social media content and ads is crucial for attracting and engaging potential customers, building brand awareness and loyalty. It’s a vital step in establishing a relationship with consumers and generating interest in the brand.

Generating Intent and Consideration to Purchase

By providing consumers with informative content and soft articles, businesses can guide their needs and generate interest in their products or services, resulting in increased sales.

Taking Action

Retargeting ads can be used to offer attractive promotions, discounts, or limited-time offers that create a sense of urgency and encourage consumers to make a purchase. This strategy can make the brand their top choice and drive sales.

As an expert in social media marketing using the sales funnel approach.

GeniusHub (GH) Group was founded in 2014 and has physical offices in both Hong Kong and Taiwan.

We are committed to building a comprehensive marketing strategy for brands using the sales funnel, creating new possibilities for social media marketing, and providing transformation and growth.

GeniusHub creates custom marketing plans that integrate brand resources, maximizing effectiveness and optimizing return on investment by acquiring more customers at a lower cost.


An increase in page views


Growth rate


New follower growth.

Our Unique Selling Points

Solution planning

  Integrating the strengths of various social media platforms, we use a marketing funnel approach to plan the goals for each stage of the enterprise, and provide a comprehensive solution at a macro level.

  Only considering how much budget the brand can allocate for advertising placement.

Advertising spending

  We strive for the best results by planning the number of advertisements based on each stage’s goals, running multiple ads in parallel, and optimizing ads using A/B testing.

  Putting the entire budget into a single ad would result in additional charges if more ads are needed.

Content planning

  Our professional creative team will create marketing copy, images, or videos that align with the brand’s image. We aim to convey the brand’s values and information, allowing the brand image to resonate with consumers.

  We fully take charge of the marketing plan and publish posts in a templated manner.

Positive user reviews.

"Thanks to Roy from Geniushub for designing my Landing Page and planning the advertising campaign. In the past, I spent a lot of time attending business events to develop clients. Now, I can easily find more clients who need accounting services, and they are already classified and filtered for genuine interest before the initial contact, saving us a lot of time."

Peggy Wang


"Landing Page is one of the most effective marketing channels for me to reach out to potential clients. I can introduce our services and provide useful information about the real estate business, building a foundation of trust with clients before they even contact us. This makes my job of closing deals much smoother."

Jackie Tong


"Previously, I relied on 1-on-1 Cold Calls to acquire clients, but now potential clients can directly learn about my services and plans online, making it easier for me to interact with them. We also use Facebook to promote our services and interested clients can leave their contact information directly. Closing deals has become much easier."

Angel Chan


Social media marketing services

We provide comprehensive social media marketing services to meet the branding needs of our clients.

Social media account management
Competitor research
Marketing funnel planning
Marketing strategy analysis
Consumer journey mapping
Social media platform management services
Post planning
Advertising placement
Profile picture and cover design
Regular performance reporting

Common questions about social media marketing

Q1. Is it necessary to hire a social media marketing company?

Of course, social media marketing can be done by oneself, but for people without professional knowledge and experience, it may be difficult to see results in a short time. Advanced marketing techniques such as developing marketing strategies and analyzing market trends require time and experience to accumulate to achieve one’s goals.
If you expect faster and more effective social media marketing, it is recommended to consider hiring a professional marketing company.

Q2. How much does it cost to do social media marketing?

The cost of social media marketing can be divided into two parts.
The first part is the “hidden cost” of investing in human resources, time, content creation, etc. while managing social media platforms for marketing. Managing social media marketing requires editing content and images, monitoring platform data and marketing activities planning, and may even require hiring employees to handle marketing work.
The second part is paid advertising. Social media platforms can strengthen promotion through paid advertising, and the cost of “paid advertising” varies depending on the charging method and brand needs.
However, hiring a professional social media marketing company can help save “hidden costs”.

Q3. How is the social media marketing service of Geniushub priced?

Social media marketing services fees are not as high as imagined, and depending on the different plans, it can cost only a few thousand dollars per month. Advertising costs are usually the highest expense in social media marketing projects, and under the operation of a professional marketing team, the goal is to maximize the effectiveness of every budget. In other words, finding the right marketing team is also helping the company save costs.

Q4. How long is the contract period? Will the social media platform account be taken away after the contract ends?

The minimum contract period is 3 months, as shorter marketing periods are difficult to evaluate for effectiveness. After the contract ends, there is no need to worry about past efforts and investment being wasted, as the brand’s social media accounts will still be owned by the brand and can be continued to be operated sustainably.

Q5. Can I choose the social media platforms to operate?

Yes, it is possible. Each social media platform has different audience and characteristics. When choosing a platform, it depends on the brand’s needs, sales goals, audience types, etc. WanZhiHui will provide the most suitable advice for the brand. For example, Facebook has a large number of users and can be used by various industries; Instagram has a younger audience and focuses more on visual effects; YouTube is the preferred video platform; LinkedIn is suitable for B2B companies or business people; TikTok is the most popular platform in China; and Xiaohongshu (RED) is more focused on female audience.

Q6. What industries are suitable for social media marketing? I'm afraid my industry is not suitable for social media marketing.

Any industry, product, or service is suitable for marketing through social media.
Through social media, products can showcase actual usage scenarios; the service industry can establish relationships with potential customers through past cases; government agencies, non-profit organizations, etc. can also establish trust through social media marketing.
As long as the right direction of operation and platform are found, any industry can potentially use social media for marketing.

Q7. How long does social media marketing take to be effective?

Managing social media is a long-term marketing strategy that may take weeks or months to show significant results. If you need to enhance promotion or achieve short-term goals, paid advertising support may be necessary, and the results will depend on the advertising budget and strategy.

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